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From marketing to academics to student engagement, Everspring accelerates your move online while delivering exceptional experiences for your students and faculty. Because we know students are students, our offerings transcend the artificial distinction between online and on-campus. Our approach is integrated, by design. Our solutions are modular, by design. And our platform grows with you, providing unmatched quality and value for your institution now and into the future. This is the Everspring Advantage.

When you work with Everspring, what you pay depends on what you need. Our model is straightforward and our approach is transparent, so you'll have visibility into what it will actually cost you—before you engage.

Everspring’s approach to pricing can be customized to meet your needs, now and over time. We can support one program or a portfolio, whether small or large in scale, or regional or national in scope. And you can choose the mix of technology and services, from a technology-only platform license to a fully managed, end-to-end solution.

We offer a variety of financing options, based on your institution’s needs and risk tolerance. Use your capital, use our capital, co-invest or engage a fee-for-service arrangement: It’s your choice. Everspring’s flexible approach to pricing and financing is another way we’ve designed a better model that works for you.


Everspring’s technology solutions start as low as $2,000 per month, and our fully managed offerings range from $5,000-$12,500 per month depending on the selected solution. We also offer traditional, turnkey OPM solutions, which generally range from a 50% to 55% revenue-share model with a longer-term contract period, depending on the range of services selected.